Beef, Organic 100% Grass Fed Black Angus, Halves/Wholes--Pick up in May or Oct

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Please Read and Agree to This Disclaimer First:


Product Description and Details

  1. *If you have never purchased a 100% GRASS-FED beef cow before, it has less fat/marbling & to some it tastes a bit different. It can be tougher than what you're used to (grain fattens them as well as less exercise if they are in feed lots), which is why we only offer yearlings (most tender) & heiferettes (also good for the various cuts) as halves/wholes with all the cuts. Cows are older and tend to be too tough for roasts/steaks, etc, but are GREAT for ground beef. Grass-fed cows also MUCH healthier & the beef is more nutritious because grass is where the nutrition is, not in the fattening grains. PLEASE ask questions or buy an individual cut before investing if you're concerned--we want you to be happy!*
  2. Animals are plenty available, but getting in the butcher's line is what takes the time--
  3. **Reserve now because the rancher needs to know how many to save for us!**
  4. Our next butcher slots are for May but JUST for half/whole cows in ALL ground beef! Pick-up is mid to late May. The next slots for half/whole yearlings & heiferettes are in the Fall (starting in Oct).

The How:

  1. Pay your deposit through the normal check-out, you'll get an email confirmation & your beef has been reserved! I will contact you when your animal goes in to be butchered to give you about 2 weeks advance notice of when pick-up will be (anyone who wants to pick-up everyone's beef in Blackfoot will receive a discount for time/gas)
  2. You will pay the remainder once the beef is ready for pick up, it will depend on the actual amount of meat-- look below for approximations
  3. Those who order now will get their beef mid May or in the Fall, depending on which kind you ordered

The Options:

I know we're all tired of hearing it, but feed prices have gone through the roof (have to feed them grass hay through the winter) so prices have gone up considerably. 

*a half yields about 4 boxes of meat, a whole yields about 8 boxes but it depends on the actual size of your animal, this is just to give you an idea*

  1. Yearlings: 1.5-2yrs old, most tender for all cuts of meat, less meat (about 400lbs/whole of finished product), $1500 for half & $3000 for a whole $/pound cut & wrapped (+tax)
  2. Heiferettes: 2-3yrs old, also great for all cuts of meat (approx 450lbs/whole of finished product), $1380 for a half & $2760 for a whole /lb cut & wrapped (+tax)
  3. Cows: 3-5 years old, still in great shape, makes awesome ground beef (approx 450+ lbs/whole of finished product), approx $1200 for half & $2400 for a whole $/lb cut & wrapped (+tax)*He did warn us that the processing fees may or may not ALSO go up by Oct as well, but if they do it would only increase the overall price by about $50 

*If you choose to get a half it will be in the ballpark of 200-225lbs & a whole is approx 400-450lbs of cut & wrapped meat. This is an APPROXIMATE, we don't know the weight until they are butchered, hang & then are processed--some cows look big and end up much smaller due to water & shrinkage & vice versa.

*This deposit is a commitment: If you change your mind you will need to 'sell' your animal to someone else (you're welcome to contact me & if I know of someone I'm happy to connect the two of you, but ultimately it is up to you).