Meat Disclaimer



In order to be licensed and legal to sell our local beef & pork, each time any customer purchases beef/pork, in pound packages or as a half/whole beef/hog they must have read and select the box in agreement as part of the check-out process on the website

This is the definition of our basic livestock cow/pork share lease: Each customer must ‘buy-in’ to a share of the cow/hog in order to purchase beef as a part-owner. The amount payable is on the website for each purchase of their share of a cow/beef cuts/hog/pork cuts in each order, the option for/date of each payment, and the length of the lease term—which renews with each order.

This enables each owner (customer) to purchase high-quality, 100% grass-fed beef or pastured pork from our local ranchers & hog farmers. They then agree to come pick up their portion of their cow/hog at 134 W 4650 N Rexburg, ID on the assigned monthly ‘pick-up day’ as-is set forth on the website in the check-out process.

Smart Foods, Rexburg, LLC is only responsible for: 

  1. Connecting the rancher/hog farmers to owners

  2. Having rancher-provided information, pricing on the website

  3. Collecting payment for individual amounts & half/whole cows to then pay the rancher

  4. Storing individual pounds/cuts in freezers (not half/whole cows/hogs) 

  5. Disbursing the individual products on each monthly pick-up day (not half/whole cows/hogs). Individual cuts of beef & pork are picked up at the Smart Foods shop on pick up day.

  6. Giving information so customers can connect with the butcher to pick up their own half/whole beef cows in Blackfoot, Idaho at Hopkins Packing Company.