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*They have plenty of products, but they are back-ordered so it’s been taking approx 4-5 weeks to get here.
*Shipping will be added when I know what your order is exactly, approx $25/unit, more w/ accessories



Incredible product from a family business I know and trust. Made in the USA, high-quality hand mill competitive with the finest out there for half the price!

We have been trying to offer the more inexpensive “Wondermill Jr Deluxe,” but they have been backordered for months because their parts are stuck in India & they’re now telling us it will likely be Jan/Feb until our old orders are processed (any placed now would be probably 8ish months out). It hit me like a ton of bricks that I knew someone who makes an incredible hand grain mill right here in the good ol’ USA! These mills are made in Washington, and the owners assured me that production is slightly delayed, they have their parts here and they have plenty for us!

Check out their website for the details on all the accessories offered!

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Complete Country Living Case, $250, Country Living Mill, $489, Flour Bin w/ Storage Lid, $29.95, Grinding Plates, $135, Hopper Extension, $25.95, Hopper Lid, $16.95, Just in Case Kit, $35, Mill Counter Clamp, $49.95, Motorization Kit, $445, Peanut Butter Plus Assembly, $185, Power Bar, $25.95, Stainless Steel Corn & Bean Auger, $36.95

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