Natural Soap-making Class

Taught by Kaissa Gurvine

Wed, Nov 4, 7pm, 134 W 4650 N Rexburg

$30/single ticket

We are so happy to have Kaissa Gurvine from Gurvine Family Farms coming back to teach us how to make soap! Kaissa is the amazing woman who makes the soap we offer on our orders every month. She uses all natural ingredients. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out! It is so amazing for skin. We have loved what it has done for us and our families.
For this class you’ll get to learn what natural soap is as opposed to chemical detergent and also the basics skills for making this amazing soap. You’ll leave with a recipe to get started as well as the steps to do it at home. A batch of soap will be demonstrated so you can see the steps, learn how to work with lye and cut  soap. Each student will leave with 10 samples of the herbal soap that Gurvine Family Farms offer. All are made with essential oils, which we will learn all the medicinal benefits as well as the added herbs and spices and how they help your skin!

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Soap-making, Bring-a-friend Ticket, $50, Soap-Making, LIVE ZOOM, $25, Soap-Making, RECORDING, $25, Soap-Making, SINGLE Ticket, $30

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