Perfect for baking! And with the holidays, maybe you’ll try your hand at homemade eggnog? If the raw eggs (or booze) have you scared, check out this recipe!



Nutmeg from the San Francisco Herb Co, two kinds:

Mace and nutmeg are from the same tree, a large evergreen native to the Moluku Islands and the East Indian Archipelago. Nutmeg’s warm flavor is bolder than mace’s. Like mace, nutmeg is used sparingly and is most often used as a dessert spice, especially for cakes, cookies, and pies. It also pairs well with cream sauces and cheese dishes.

Ground Nutmeg, 1lb, approx 5 cups in volume.

Whole Nutmegs: 8oz, approx 45 nutmegs.

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Nutmeg, Ground, 1lb, Nutmegs, Whole, 8oz

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