Timtana Flour, Gluten Free


Gluten Free Dessert Crust Mix from Montana Gluten Free.

To read about Montana Gluten Free’s protocols and standards for testing, go here: Gluten Free Oat Purity Protocol – Montana Gluten Free

• No GMO
• 5g of Protein & 5g of Fiber per serving
• 100% Whole Grain TimtanaTM
• Product of Montana
• Gluten Free Product
• ELISA Tested less than 3ppm

Timtana Flour is a golden, gluten-free flour with nutty flavor ground from the seed of Timothy grass. It is exceptionally high in protein and fiber. It makes excellent gluten free bread either alone or when combined with PrOatina flour or other flour products. (leavened bread produced by yeast requires the addition of a gum product like Xanthan gum). The use of timothy seed for gluten free cereal food is patented and trademarked as Timtana™.  It is extremely high in both protein and fiber (both 17%) and is often blended with other gluten free flour products like corn, tapioca, potato and rice to improve the protein, fiber and taste. Timtana Flour makes beautiful brown breads, pastries, and pizza crust the color of gingersnaps so you can easily recognize which pizza is gluten free.

**We recommend this product to experienced gluten free bakers only.  Timtana Flour can not be substituted one for one with wheat flour in non-gluten-free recipes. It should be used in gluten free flour blends.

Ingredients:  Whole Grain Timothy

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Timtana Flour, Gluten Free, 1lb bag, Timtana Flour, Gluten Free, 25lb bag, Timtana Flour, Gluten Free, 3lb bag, Timtana Flour, Gluten Free, 6 – 3lb bag


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