Turmeric Powder


Turmeric can be used as a natural food coloring, or in a delicious curry. Try your hand at making some delicious golden milk! Find a recipe and explanations here!


Turmeric Powder from San Francisco Herb Co:

Sometimes also referred to as curcumin (a constituent of turmeric), Indian Saffron, and Alappuzha. This is a powdered Alleppey turmeric, which is obtained from the rhizome (underground stem) of the plant. It is a deep orange-yellow color with an earthy, bitter, peppery flavor and a mustardy smell. Alleppey turmeric is reputed to have a higher curcumin content, which gives it a little darker color and more oiliness than other turmerics.

1lb, approx. 3-4cups in volume.

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Turmeric Powder (1 lb)

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