The Main Course (Parts 1-3) by Annie Miller - INTRO PRICE

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It's here at long last! If you are ready for a big shift in your life and in your health, here it is--the whole 204 page deal. Annie has poured her heart & soul into this course in an effort to share what she has learned over her 20 years of whole food, real-kitchen experience. Going from a 'dinner-in-a-box cooker' to truly understanding what it is to feed her family of 10 not just nutritiously, but deliciously...all for the price of one week's worth of groceries!

This course includes:

  • Principle-based information - you will learn the principles of how to make whole foods delicious, no need to rely on recipes any longer! This also means this course is adaptable for any dietary needs
  • Plant-focused - as a general rule we all know how to cook and use meat, but what we need help with is making plants taste delicious. This course does mention the use of dairy & meat occasionally, but very sparingly--more like a condiment
  • 204 pages total in the course and over 300 ideas & recipes to make sure you feel confident in branching off on your own
  • Table of contents:
    • Part 1: Foundations for an Honest Kitchen
      • The Honest Mama Manifesto
      • The List 8 Label Hacking
      • Creating a Standard
      • Purge
      • The Pantry Guide
      • Equipment for Success in the Kitchen
      • No More Picky Micky
      • Grandma Catherine's Recipe Cards
    • Part 2: The Dinner Rescue
      • Introduction
      • Give it an Honest "Tri
      • The Spice Guide
      • Flavoring with the Four S's
      • Dressings & Condiments
      • 7 Possibilities for Serving up Sustenance
      • Seasonal Wisdom
      • Honest Cook Log
      • Back to the Roots - Veggies & Grains
      • Annie's Tips for Successful Soups
      • Annie's Tips for Successful Salads
      • Annie's Tips for Successful Sandwiches
      • Spice it Up with Mexican
      • Asian - Annie's Way
      • Recreating Italian Favorites
      • 180 Plant Focused Meal Ideas
    • Part 3: Real Food Lifestyle
      • Part 3 Introduction
      • Good Beginnings - Breakfast
      • Simple is Enough - Snacks
      • Desserts - Delish & Noutrish
      • Wholesome Holidays
      • Fermentation - A Boost for your Health
      • Healing with Herbs
      • Conclusion

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