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FRESH, Local Elderberry Syrup (organic practices), 7.5oz

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There are many Elderberry syrups out there, but this is as good as it gets since the berries are local, and this is fresher than ANYTHING you'll buy online. Elderberry is KNOWN for its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-SICK properties! And one of the biggest bonuses is how awesome it is for kids--it's safe for toddlers (older than 1 because of the honey) & it tastes amazing (especially compared to tinctures or fire cider, etc). This has staved off many, many sicknesses in our household. Can't recommend this batch enough--knowing how fresh it is means the medicine will be that much more effective!


Made September 2022  

*store in the fridge


Made by our "Herb Pocket" Ladies, Audra & Annett:

Audra’s herbal education started with her parents and traditional practitioners as she was growing up. That sparked her interest and set her on a lifelong path of hands-on self education.

Generational background along with trial and error has been her learning.  Life has taught her that change is inevitable and that herbs can help us as we must adjust. Our environment is always changing and so must we.


Annett’s first experience with medicinal plants and foraging them was when she lived in the wilderness, as a survival instructor, for weeks at a time. Prompted by an interest in providing healthier options for her family, Annett has participated in formal educational settings to learn and study botanical medicine. She is adamant about researching herbs and studies and practices botanical medicine daily. Annett and her family grow a large garden including more than 60 medicinal plants. 


Audra and Annett have met together weekly for years to share their garnered knowledge and practice using plants in a practical way for healthful living. In that realm they have made, used, and cataloged remedies, grown and wild harvested medicinal plants, shared real life herbal successes, and helped their families and close friends through botanical medicine. Their primary focus is on plants that can be grown in their own back yard or sustainably harvested in this area. They value the diversity from their different backgrounds, and it has created a broader and deeper understanding of herbs that has been enriching. They work on the premise that we need to learn to use what we have and keep a pocket full of herbs. Thus their company name is Herb Pocket.