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#10 Cans (w/ metal & plastic lids)

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These are the best quality, can be used for wet or dry ingredients and the enamel lining BPA free which helps with wet ingredients, but also is another layer to keep out rust–the food in these will last SO much longer than its cheaper counterparts.

I’ve been looking into multiple options of cans since we all know shortages are upon us and we have an option to get LINED cans with metal AND plastic & at the time of this posting, this was the best I found. We've been looking into getting more & these quality are getting more scare & more expensive (surprise)--so this really is the best price & once they're gone the price will be more.

**We had a very kind customer & her husband who drove to Utah to pick them up and rent a trailer to do so the price of gas/trailer rental is worked into the cost at $0.25 extra/can